Turkish Books Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish books, Turkey books manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality books from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

BAHCIVANLAR BASIM SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Tufan Ali BAHÇIVAN    
s printing services, print works, promotion, promotional products, magazines, labels, thermal labels, polygraphy, color printing, poster printing, posters, banners, billboards, signs, graphic designs, cosmetic labels, adhesive labels, boxes, colored boxes, food labels, perfume labels, glossy print, agendas, calendars, printed documents, folders, wet wipes, placemats, lamination, industrial labels, door cards, notepads, catalogues, writing pads, wipes, books, bound agendas, desktop calendars, wall calendars, official papers, letterheads, billheads, business cards, pochettes, food boxes, printworks, instutitional printworks, plastic product labels, household chemistry labels, automotive item labels, drug labels, printed matters, lac, partially lac, periodicals, documents, tickets, receipts, bills, legal documents, authentic documents, holographic labels, industrial boxes, staff boxes, product boxes, cosmetic boxes, drug boxes, automotive item boxes, it product boxes, electrical product boxes, electronical product boxes, carton bags, note paper cube, lighters, memorandum pads, hidden spiral agendas, three-month calendars, rainlendars, instutitional files, instutitional envelops, envelops, envelop, instutitional folders, offset menus, leather menus, napkin holders, cutlery envelops, documents for hotels, key cards, hotel printworks, tourism printworks, health printworks, hospital printworks, printed hospital documents, professional photography services, professional studio shoots, production services
s books, broadcasting, encyclopedia publishing, fiqh, hadith, islam, meal, mysticism, peace, quran, science, sufism, tranquility publisher, ramadan gifts, islamic gifts, islamic books
OZLEM KITAP KIRTASIYE        Türkiye         
s book, books, educational books, test book, test books, qoraan book, qoraan books
EFE CILT VE DIJITAL BASKI HIZMETLERI        Türkiye     ergün bozkurt    
s advertising, agency, binder, binders, binding, blueprints, bookbinding, books, brochures, calendar, cardboard, catalogs, cellophane, center, cloth binding, color, color copier, copier, copy center, cover, digital, document, duplication, home, leather, operations, out, output, plastering, post, print, printing, skin, spiral, stationery, work, plastering, your menu
NETSIS REKLAM MATBAA        Türkiye     rıza özçelik    
s brochures, business card, desing, billboard, poster, bulletin, sticker, postcards, notebooks, magazines, cd sleeves, catalogs, books, books, magazines, brochures, sticker, billboard, business card, catalogs, poster, postcards, bulletin, notebooks
LAMORE MERCHANDISE INC.        İrlanda     jimmy scott    
s air transport equipments, beauty products, books, drugs, electronics, general goods, materials, mechinaries, underwears, watches
AZEXPORT        Azerbaycan     Zaur Gardashov    
s cotton, raw leather, wood, food, polyethilen, pomegranate juice, hazelnut, metals, polypropilen, agriculture, machinery, industrial parts, tools, metallurgy, chemicals, rubber, plastics, electronics, gifts & crafts, shoes, construction, translation, energy, real estate, furniture, garden tools, office & school supplies, accessories, books, agricultural, beans, coffee, fruit, seafood, tea, meat, confectionery, honey, egg & egg products, water, drinking, mushrooms, nuts, kernels, ornamental plants, baby food, fruit products, grain prod, apple, tobacco
SAHRA KITAP KIRTASIYE TEKNOLOJI OYUNCAK        Türkiye     Sahra Kitap Kırtasiye Teknoloji Oyuncak Hobi    
s stationery, books, toys, hobby equipment, wood painting
OZGUN MATBAACILIK SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Firat GÜNDOĞDU    
s food, cosmetics, books, book, educational publications, educational publication, school books, school book, source books, source book, preschool books, preschool book, stationery products, stationery product, ozgun notebook, ozgun notebooks, taksa notebooks, taksa notebook, notebooks, notebook, newspaper, newspapers, economic comment, daily news, press, printing houese, printing houses, press products, press product
DIVAN        Türkiye     MUSTAFA EKİNCİ    
s book, books, publishing house
s books, brochure, brochures, catalog, magazine, newspaper, offset products, packaging, paper, printed products, printing products, printing services
COMERTLER MATBAACILIK A.S.        Türkiye     Deniz Bey    
s books, brochure, catalogue, display boxes, display stand, display stands, folding boxes, labels, labels on rolls, laminated cardboards, laminated cartons, packages, packaging, partition boxes, printed labels, printing products, printing services, promotion materials
TEKIN OZALIT A.S.        Türkiye     METİN Özbay    
s stationery equipment, stationery, school supplies, school stationery materials, backpacks, schoolbags, books, teaching materials, pinboards, corkboards, catalogue, brochure, signboards, awnings, tarpaulin, cork boards, stands, stand products, copying, office supplies, computer supplies, filing systems, paper group, signboard, awning, vehicle wraps, designs, educational supplies, keychains, flags, cd boxes, brackets, calculator, paper products, office stationery, badge, double-sided tape, masking tape, camera, tape dispenser, blackboards, printer, computer supplies, cork board, blackboard, school staionery items, writing items, digital printing and printing services, transfer printing and frames, posters of ataturk, school stationery, baffle plates, artistic materials, tabletop necessities, cover systems, stationery machine and devices, office consumables, sticking papers, colored paper, band machine, professionel document holder, padfolio, armed pencil sharpener, rulers, letter tray, colored ruler, drawing set and bevel and miter and compasses, pencil box types, mause ped wrist supported, laptop support, screen cleaner spray, screen cleaner hankey, computer folder, card album, flexibled and snapped file, tile wire spirals, fax machine, foam tape, drawing paper, pastel and dry color, pencil and duster types, a4 painted copying paper, sketch papers, lunch-box, project bag big boy, school bags lightened, caillou bags, pencil box scaled, project bag small, book and novel types, colored ball-pen, markers, blackboard eraser and board marker, contour pen, ball-pen, political and physical map, driving licence and card coating, labeller
KAZMAZ MATBAACILIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Akif KAZMAZ    
s printing services, printing service, paper, packaging, papers, packagings, boxes, box, letterheads, brochures, strachpads, corporate identity products, business card, letterhead, forms, pad, file, manila folder, envelope, marketing products, catalogs, flyers, folded flyers, hard covered catalogs, poster, roll-up, corporate invitation, xxxlarge presentations, training matearials, presentation materials, training documents, folders, collar cards, table cards, certificates, education books, notebooks, books, pop materials, wobbler, flipcard, table top stand, stand, tray pad, packaging products, packaging pap, wall calendars, packaging papers, corporate gifts, cardboard bag, packaging labels, table calendars, pull-up table calendar, bold book notebook, flex book notebook, soft book notebook, free book notebook, slim book book, case book notebook
ALTIN KITAPLAR YAYINEVI VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s printing services, paper, publishing, publishing services, books, publish books, books for kids, dictionary
s stationery, stationery products, glassware, tableware, electronic products, toys, toys for kids, hardwares, hardware, gifts, books, journals
MISTA AJANS VE MATBAACILIK        Türkiye     barış akay    
s advertising works, banner, billboard, books, brochure, catalogs, corporate identity, envelope, file, logo, magazine advertisement, newspaper advertisement, notepad, offset products, packaging, printed bags, printed carrier bags, printed products, printing services, printing works, logo
CEDAY OFSET MATBAA        Türkiye         
s advertising works, banner, billboard, books, brochure, catalogs, corporate identity, envelope, file, logo, magazine advertisement, newspaper advertisement, notepad, offset products, packaging, printed bags, printed carrier bags, printed products, printing services, printing works, logo
FATIH BASIM        Türkiye     Fatih TIN    
s books, boxes, brochures, calendar, diary, magazines, offset printing products, packages, packaging, paper box, paper boxes, paper packages, paper packaging, printing products, printing services, printing works
ONKA KAGIT URUNLERI IMALAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     önder özdemir    
s calendar, notebook, books, catalog, brochure, spiral, hard cover, leather cover, printing service