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Zarfsan, which is one of the oldest established envelope manufacturing companies was founded in 1957 and has continued its activities for years as the biggest company of its sector in Turkey. In 2001, Zarfsan was passed into other hands and was bought by the leading name of paper and printery market of Turkey, Aytekin Kaya. It was subjected to a completely new type of management from this point and it was started to be managed by an innovative, young and dynamic team. In a very short time, Zarfsan reached the leadership point in the domestic market, it then completed the export works and headed for the foreign markets, it started to show up in the international exhibitions held in different countries of the world. Zarfsan, which has become a company which exports to many countries of the world since 2001, has made enormous investments for technology in order to further improve this rising sales graphic. Zarfsan increased its daily envelope production capacity to 4 million and reached a monthly paper processing capacity of 500 tones including offset printing. Zarfsan is the biggest envelope factory in Turkey today. It employs 150 people in 10.000 m2 closed area and provides the best and the most quality service to its customer, that is to various corporate firms and stationery sector in domestic market and to 18 different countries it exports in the foreign market with its envelope, printing and roll machines. The leading banks, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, IT and technology companies and many other companies from other sectors of Turkey and the world are included in the customer portfolio of Zarfsan due to its constantly improving customer portfolio. Zarfsan provides its customer with the best service by constantly developing and without compromising quality. Zarfsan, which completed all its corporate identity works, will continue with its experienced personel, high quality understanding and strong machinery to seek new markets and represent our country in the best way in foreign markets.
Nema Basim has been a reliable solution partner that always gains its customers with its 20-year graphic and printing experience integrated with current technologies and developments. To produce within legal framework, in accordance with relevant national and international standards; To meet customer demands and needs above expectations within the frame of customer satisfaction principle; To perform team work with cooperation and work efficiently without compromising our principles of honesty, respect, innovation, courageous acting, quality, accuracy, timely and professional service; To continuously improve the overall performance of Nema Basim; To raise the exchange of information to the top by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers; To increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system through process approach; To leave a clean and livable environment for future generations; As a result of all these principles, our objective is to bring our company to a leading position with its quality, competitiveness and profitability by continuously improving our prestige and reputation for our employees to be proud of working in our company.
1990 Since stationery, copying and digital printing industry , our company operates a large stationery, office supplies , computer supplies , filing systems, paper group, copying, signs , awnings, vehicle wraps , design , digital and transfer printing, educational supplies blackboard , cork board, with wide range of products , such as posters of Ataturk industrys most advanced team and the equipment serves . Since 1988, our company operates in Kucukcekmece Sefakoy Ikitelli has been moved to the center in 1996 . Today, industry leaders , our company meet the growing demand and the common understanding of service required in 1993, Flat branch, in 2001 Ikitelli branch, 2008 Bahcesehir branches and corporate sales department , including four branches , also founded in 1994, production department totaling in 5 points valued meets the needs of our customers . Our company is responding to the increasing demand and production in 2010 to expand our manufacturing plants have moved to the area of 3500 m2 production area , especially in advertising and expanded its service network has been making huge investments . Our company aims customer satisfaction with the friendly and professional staff at your disposal
Kemal CIFTCIOGLU, who started trading in the 1960s in Tahtakale, Istanbul, which is defined as the heart of trade; combined business idea with his experiences and established FATIH KALEM SAN VE TIC. in 1993 Believing in the power of production, Fatih Kalem is one of the world's leading pencil factories, producing Lata, the main raw material of lead, and the machines it needs with its strong engineer staff, in its own facilities. Fatih Kalem manufacturing and selling primarily tree-skinned pencils, crayons, pencil, including copy and drawing pencils has reached production level of 1,500,000 gross / year (216,000,000 pieces). Hedef Kirtasiye, a company of the group company, serves the sector with 26 years of experience. Target Stationery; paint groups (watercolor, pastel paint, gouache paint, acrylic paint, finger paint, etc.) play dough, drawing sets and school and office equipment production.